Healthy Nails

What is the right way to file nails?

*The most flattering nail length is approximately 3mm *

Keep emery board edge as perpendicular to the nail as possible. Leave sides of nails straight to provide strength and minimize breakage. File in one direction - start at outside corners and finish at center.

HINTS: File before removing old nail polish to reduce tearing/breaking of weak nails. Long nails should be clipped before filing. Discard emery board when worn and bare patches appear.

How does water affect nails?

*Strong nails & water DO NOT mix *

Nails need moisture (ie. moisturizers). Water can cause splitting.

HINTS: Use moisturizing lotion regularly. Wear rubber gloves when ever possible to reduce damaging effects of water exposure.

Why are my nails turning yellow?

*Yellowing of nail plate may be caused by... *

- Use of fast drying nail enamels.
- Excessive exposure to sunlight (UV rays combined with nail treatments / enamels).
- Smoking.
- Some acetone-based nail polish removers.
- Health conditions.


- Remove nail treatments / enamels.
- Gently buff nail to remove yellowing (over buffing can cause nail thinning).
- Use a base coat before coloured polish.
- Consult a professional manicurist.
- For severe conditions, consult your family physician.

How do you apply coloured polish properly?

*For best results... *

Begin on one side of nail and apply in three even strips.
Avoid reapplying on wet polish.
Wait two minutes then apply second coat.
Finish with clear top coat.
Refresh manicure with new application of clear top coat when polish becomes flat.
To maintain healthy cuticles NEVER allow nail lacquers to come in contact with the cuticle area.

How do you keep hands & nails healthy during the winter?

MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! It’s important to keep your hands & nails moisturized all year long…especially during the dry cold winter months. No one moisturizes their hands & cuticles enough!


- Keep several bottles of moisturizing cream throughout your home
- every time you walk by one use it.
- add 1 tsp. of Witchcraft® Cuticle Almond Oil to dishwater, to soften rough skin, seal in moisture.
- use rubber gloves to minimize water & chemical damage.
- Massage a good moisturizing cream or oil into your nails & hands every night.
- drink lots of water to help your skin from drying out.

How do you keep cuticles from drying out in the cold season?

In order to have healthy nails you must take care of your cuticles. Contrary to popular belief, cuticles do serve a purpose! Cuticles prevent bacteria from entering the body….they should never be removed! On the other hand you must groom them. Overgrown cuticles can suffocate nail growth.

HINTS: Apply Witchcraft® Nail Renewal every night to bare nails to stimulate and rejuvenate nail matrix
then massage Witchcraft® Cuticle Almond Oil to seal in moisture.


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