Hear what Witchcraft customers are saying about our products:

I am so glad to have an opportunity to thank you for your product and for my long, healthy, beautiful nails. I often get asked if my nails are fake because they look so good and all I tell them is I owe it all to Witchcraft.

C.B., Fort S. John B.C.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love Witchcraft. I never had nails in my life as long as these.

D.L., Niagara Falls, ON

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with Daree’s Witchcraft Nail Hardener...There is no other on the market I’ve used, which can compare to this.

J.K., North Vancouver, B.C.


I tried Witchcraft Nail Hardener and absolutely love it! I never had nails in my entire life up until now!

B.J.K., Thorold, ON

Just by pure luck I ran across Witchcraft products. I’ve tried several other products with no positive results. Since starting to use these products I can now say I found the perfect products.

B.L., Regina, SASK.

I am an optician, and my hands and nails take a real beating doing lab work, but for handling and showing costly eyeglass frames its desirable, if not necessary, to have attractive hands…I began using Witchcraft faithfully in April, and in August of this year, for my wedding, I had ten beautiful long strong REAL nails. And best of all, these nails are more resilient than any of the gel or acrylic I have ever had! …When asked who does my “acrylics” so realistically and thin, I always say “Witchcraft”.

C.K., Hope, B.C.

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